Monday, June 23, 2014

No Shopping Means Less

I am behind on getting to the grocery store. I really need to go to get groceries. I almost went today, because I was sure I would need to get something to eat for dinner tonight.

As it turns out I remembered that we had everything we needed to eat breakfast for dinner. And I don't mean cereal! A couple of us had eggs, toast and turkey bacon. And the other two had pancakes with syrup. No money spent and it was a filling meal. And the dishes are put away in the dishwasher, which I will run tonight!

I will likely get to the store tomorrow, but if I can find something for us to eat in the freezer or cupboard, I might be able to stretch it one more day. There sure isn't anything wrong with eating what we have on hand. I also don't mind that we might not all eat the same thing for a night or two. It keeps the food from going to waste!

My only spending today was for two half hour flute lessons: $40.

Do you eat breakfast for dinner? Do you try to delay going to the store by scrounging for things you can make without going?

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