Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Was Frugal Today

Oh, I did spend money today. I was not planning on it. In fact, I was expecting to run errands and actually return things today. This would have put more money back into my pocket. Unfortunately, a child stayed home sick. The money was spent on a smoothie and lotioned tissues.  I had no coupon for either item. Boo.

I did make lunch at home today. I even lured my husband home to eat lunch when I told him what I made. I used a canned of black beans, about a 1/4c of red onion, 1/4 c of feta cheese, 1 T olive oil and 1 1/2 T balsamic vinegar to make a little salad. We like to eat this with chips or put in a tortilla. Today, I added a small tomato that I knew should be used soon. I just recently threw out three of a similar size that were moldy. Ick! Anyway, I had it all on hand and it was quick to put together.

I cleaned today, since I was home with the sick child. I first stripped the girls beds of sheets to be washed, but I stopped before I started because I realized I could probably add more to the washer. So I headed off with my micro fiber cloths to clean the bathroom. I used a little bit of glass cleaner with the cloths too. I have found I can use far less when I use micro fiber cloths. Once done in there, I thew all the clothes I used in with the sheets. I made sure to grab the wash cloths and towels from the kitchen as well.

I'm also helping another child get ready for an art fair. We realized we needed to put some cardboard in some frames we purchased to display and sell the art. I found paper board mailers that I was able to cut into nine 8x10 backing pieces for these frames. Free! We also want to have a way to transport the frames without scratching or breaking to the art fair, as well as providing a safe way for customers to get them home. I have a large bag of thin Styrofoam material that we kept when we bought our dining room table. Again free to us! I try not to save a lot of packaging for shipping, but if I know I have an event on the horizon I will make an effort to keep some. In the two cases above, it was a good choice.

What did you do that was frugal today?

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