Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frugal Computer Maintenance

I did a little computer maintenance last night that I consider frugal.

My Dell Inspiron 1545 was getting pretty hot and I could tell the fan was running quite a bit. I discovered that this is caused by the vent getting blocked. I found a You Tube Video that explained how to open my computer and pull out the cooling assembly, so that I could get all the cat fur dust out. I have done this in the past so I did have the thermal compound on hand, as well as a can of air. I did have to go buy rubbing alcohol since I had recently discarded ours. The new bottle was $2.54 at Target.

I was able to complete this little maintenance task in about 10 minutes. And now my computer is running much cooler and likely using less energy running the fan to cool it! According to the man in the video, I likely saved $25 to $50 by doing this task myself.

Do you use YouTube for any home, computer or car maintenance tasks?  Do you do it for frugal reasons?

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