Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lose Weight Spend Less

My husband and I have both been watching our food intake (calories) for over a month now. We are clearly spending less money. I have in the past bought three bags of chips for our family to consume in one week. Now we are not even going through one a week. Chips really were never my thing, but they sure are for my husband. Of course, when we watch our food intake he realizes that there isn't much satisfaction in only eating 8 highly caloric chips. 

The food is lasting longer. I might buy a package of cheese, but it takes longer to consume, since we aren't putting it on as many things. I know we are using less butter, in fact, I think only one of my daughters is actually consuming it every day. We are buying more fruits and vegetables, but those are a big portion of our diet now. We consume them up pretty quickly, but we aren't eating them in excess, just appropriate portions. I also try to find the fruits and veggies that are in season and generally less expensive. 

The interesting thing about counting calories is that it is a similar habit to watching your dollars when you are trying to save. They both require attention to the details and regular effort. I think if you can lose weight you likely have the skills to manage your money wisely if you choose. I think the opposite is true. If you know how to manage and save your money, you can lose weight and get healthy. They both take work and at times we falter, but the payoffs are highly satisfying. 

Do you think you spend less when you are watching your calories? Or do you think you spend more because you are buying healthier food?

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