Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dental Insurance

Just returned from our six month dental check ups. All is good. No cavities. They are still watching the wisdom teeth for my oldest daughter. They are sure acting like they need to be done, and since she is my daughter and I had to have mine removed, they are probably right. So we need to start planning on WHEN would be a good time to have that done.

The bad news from the dentist is they are no longer accepting our insurance as full payment. They have attempted to negotiate better payment without success. As a result, we will now have to pay out of our pocket for the difference between what our insurance pays and the dentists charge. For all I know this is $20 each. I didn't take the time today to find out since they are still accepting full payment from the insurer for this visit since this decision was just made and our appointment was already schedule. They will also provide 10% off the difference if we stay with them. I think they are being reasonable. I know our last dentist in our old town made this same decision about this company two years ago when the military switched insurance carriers. They are getting sufficient coverage for their costs. How can they be expected to do business that way? I may look for another dentist, but so far I do like them, so I don't feel like changing, especially since we may be moving in another year or so. To be clear, the insurance company will still provide some compensation, but the dentist no longer agrees that the compensation is fair or justified and we will be charged more above that amount. 

Have you had a dental provider reject your insurance company? Would you be looking for a new dentist if you were in my situation? Did you have your wisdom teeth removed? Do you remember anything about that experience?

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