Friday, February 28, 2014

Pay Day Thoughts

I paid and recorded our bills for payday. Some bills are automatic, so I only need to record them. Other bills I just need to go online and authorize a payment. All credit card bills are current. Yea!

At the beginning of the month I save $50 for Christmas, $114 towards auto insurance and registrations, and $57 for the 52 Week Savings Challenge. The mortgage which includes an extra $103 towards principal, water bill, cellular bill, gas bill, and electric bill are all paid. I also give a small allowance to our girls. I pay the Target Red card and any balances on any other credit cards. I set aside cash for the upcoming pay period. And if there is cash left, I save it!!

This payday I was able to save $510. I like that! February was definitely a low spend month for us. With the cold weather it was just easier to stay in and out of the stores. I think that using up things last week also stretched our grocery bill a little, too. I still have my eye on a few things in the cupboard that need to go soon.

I'm fully aware that we will owe money for taxes in the next 6 weeks. Our daughter has a birthday in March. It is also spring break from school and we are taking a mini road trip to visit a college. Family is  near there, so only gas and food, no hotel costs at least. I will pay our auto insurance, but this is already saved for, as I mentioned above. And if it gets the least bit warmer it will be time to buy some new spring clothes. We don't buy a lot, but several of us will at least need new capris and shorts. We are probably pretty good on short sleeve tops. I also know one daughter will need a jacket. So although I saved that $510, I do see increased expenses in the future. Which means at least some of that money will be spent.

Yep, it was a good pay day! I'm very grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us.

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