Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Savings Update

I mentioned my plan to participate in my own 52 Week Savings Challenge back in December. I have made two deposits since then of $57 each. My total in the challenge is now at $181. It is moving along just fine since I made the transactions occur automatically!!

My low spend week is definitely working so far. I have spent only $15.35 since I mentioned my plan on Sunday. I just spent that money today. I mailed a package at the post office for $2.24. This was for a child, so I didn't think it should wait. I also made a run to Target to purchase a few food items: cranberries, romaine lettuce, spinach, large container of vanilla yogurt, frozen mangoes, and 3 pack of gum. I stuck to my list. I was tempted to grab a soda and a cliff bar, but I refrained. Yea me!!

I can see the fuel in the vehicles dropping each day. I'm really hoping to make it through Sunday, but I have a feeling that I may end up filling at least one of the vehicles up before then. I still have a fabric purchase to make, but I keep putting it off as I have another project I need to complete first. And I'm procrastinating that one! I guess that means procrastination is saving me money. That is not always the case, such as paying a bill late.

If you are doing any type of savings challenge this year, it is not too late to start or get back on track. Just pick up where you left off. Keep up the good work, if you have made all your goals so far.

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