Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frugal Inactions?

I've been keeping my mind open this week for more frugal things we are doing around our home that you might like to hear about. I realized some of the things that are frugal are things we don't buy or don't do. See if you notice those in the list below.

  • Used half a dryer fabric softener sheet for an entire load of laundry.
  • Used fabric napkins at dinner.
  • Reused my tea bag once each day.
  • Borrowed a movie at the library.
  • Sent my sister a $5 Starbucks gift card I received for free.
  • Used thread from my stash for a sewing project, and get to return the one I bought.
  • Used the ends of old bread for breadcrumbs on our Chicken Parmesan.
  • Used half the amount of seasoning in a recipe because I ran out. It still tasted great!
  • Used a bar of soap that is very, very thin for washing my hands.
  • Turned the thermostat setting down 2 degrees more for when we are sleeping. 
  • Wore long underwear under my jeans in the house so I wouldn't need to increase the temperature in the house. 
  • Only wore makeup one day this week. 
  • Used piece of flannel on our Swiffer to pick up dust and hair off the floor. Then tossed in washer.
  • Drank water from the tap. 
  • Reused a mailing envelope to send a package.
I know those things don't seem like much, but imagine the opposite of some of those. If I bought  a new mailer each time at the post office, I would likely be paying $2 or more just for the envelope. Or how much would I spend on disposable Swiffer cloths in a years time if I didn't use a reusable cloth? So if you gathered from the list that we don't buy napkins, most movies, bread crumbs, bottled water, or too many mailing envelopes, you would be correct!

Do you buy some of things I buy, such as tea bags, or dryer sheets? Do you have an alternative? What are some things you don't buy, that many people do?

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