Sunday, May 5, 2013

Low Spend Weeks

I have decided to make the first two weeks of this month low spend. Low spend for us will mean keeping our variable expenses down to $450. This is half than we normally allow for this same period of time. This set of time will be a little easier with my husband working out of town. All his expenses will be covered there. Our regular bills and investments have already been accounted for.

I started this self challenge on May 2. So far we have spent $55.72, this included a small grocery trip and a $1 vending machine purchase. I feel fine with that amount so far. I hope it doesn't get too hard, but just tight enough to have the difference applied to some overspending we have done in the last few weeks.

I expect I will need to put gas in my van. There will be one more trip to the grocery store. My daughter came home with an order form to her yearbook, due this Friday. I will pay that out of this spending amount. It is twenty dollars.

I will spend tomorrow making a meal plan for the three of us. I will shop our freezer, fridge, and cupboards first in order to keep as much money as possible in our pocket. I will also make our meals out of inexpensive and healthy ingredients. I will not buy in bulk, stock up, or buy extras while on this challenge.

I think it is a good idea to take a spending break for several weeks a year at times that make it the easiest. Do you think you could take on a low spend week or some type of other challenge to make up for your overspending? Have you done a no spend challenge? How did it work for you? Do you have any advice or tips to share?

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